Rothenburg, Germany Vacation Attractions

Rothenburg is one of the choicest places to consider visiting when traveling to Germany. While many tourists will think Berlin first, and then neglect, or forget about the rest of the region. Those who want to see traditional Germany in almost purest form will want to see Rothenburg, the country’s best preserved walled town, and one that retains its medieval flavor to the strongest extent. Getting to the place is as simple as a regional bus or rental car ride from Berlin or Amsterdam, and getting around the city can be accomplished via tour bus, or walking about the area.


Explore the best site around the city by day when necessary, but the best way to avoid getting lost in a crowd of tourists is to schedule as many night trips around the town as possible. Spend some time at the unusual Medieval Crime and Punishment Museum to get a first-hand look at traditional procedures and instruments of torture first-hand. Beware, some exhibits at this location are not for the faint of heart! For more relaxing experience, some take a guided walking tour around the town, led by local historian, or entertaining tours such as the medieval “Night Watchman.”


The Town Hall Tower is a wonderful all-in-one way to see Rothenburg, as the structure is part of a complex that provides a 1.5 mile walk along its top wall permitting a fantastic view of most of the city area. Those inclined toward artistic attractions will enjoy St. Jacob’s Church, which hosts some exquisite art treasures, especially the 500-year-old Riemenschneider altarpiece, a masterpiece of German wood carving. A similar fine altarpiece is located in church in nearby Detwang. Another structure turned museum 600-year-old Toddler Castle, building originally serving as a summer home of the town mayor in the 1400s, but now serves as a tourist stop.


If one times one visit towards the summer months, the traveler will be doing to get the maximum impact out of scene the amazing cityscape and countryside surrounding Rothenburg. Ironically, one of the main attractions of the city has nothing to do with the old world, but with the new: Rothenberg is among the best shopping places to visit in Germany. From seasonal trinkets like Christmas merchandise, to specialty prints, to locally brewed beers, to mailable collector’s items, there are shops devoted to it. There were also bakeries, pubs and other stores creating native German dishes, liquors and clothing items in take-home baskets, or to have mailed home.


When visiting this or other old German towns, tourists can choose between native old world cuisine, and the modern “Pizza Hut” fast food franchise variety of restaurant. While the city is designed to preserve the 12th century walled town feel of old Germany, it’s not fussy about limiting the food and hotel preferences of vacationers. Whether you’re looking to something familiar, or seeking to find museums and attractions that reflect the remote world of the thousand years ago, Rothenberg is one of your best candidates for recovering that part of the German experience.