How to Always Have Paris

The reputation of France precedes itself as one of the top five places to visit on the planet, with famous attractions that are known the world over. As a major international city, Paris is in particular so dominating as an attraction that it may lead to travelers neglecting other must-see destinations in the country, especially in Versailles. Because it is a major destination, transportation to the city is very simple by commercial plane (many other cities in the US and elsewhere in Europe have direct flights scheduled daily) or train (European rail, and the high-speed train from London to Paris).

Sites people have seen in photographs and movies all their lives, such as the Eiffel Tower, are within steps once one is in a hotel in the downtown area of the city. With 7 million visitors going to the tower each year, the best way to see the attraction is in a controlled setting or a guided (private VIP) tour, rather than trying to do it with the rest of the general crowd. It’s simple to get a nice healthy look at the surroundings and more in-depth knowledge about the tower’s construction and history, at not much more cost.

Where you can, the same advice goes for some other tourist traps, from the Louvre, to the Notre Dame Cathedral, or the Arc the Triumph and so on. A private tour will be extremely helpful in giving maximum information about each site, without distractions created by heavy crowds The Louvre Museum is one of the most valuable sites to visit for this approach, containing much of the best artwork ever created, with the added factor that much of that art was made in Paris itself during peak periods of creative output in the 18 through 20th century. And of course, getting within a few feet of the Mona Lisa painting by itself gives you bragging rights about your pilgrimage.

The Notre Dame Cathedral is the singular architectural masterpiece one must visit when in Paris. Like most of the other Gothic structures throughout Europe, it is designed to be dazzling or even intimidating to persons visiting the building, complete with dramatic looking towers, spire, stained-glass and imposing size. You may need the help of the private tour to fully appreciate the workmanship that went into its construction, and to take in all the information regarding its history. Make sure to ask whether the tour will include climbing the tower see Paris from Quasimodo’s point of view!

Don’t miss other highly significant sites when in France, they get neglected because of the overwhelming sense that the main Paris attractions are “essential” to hit first – the Musée d’Orsay, that other Museum in Paris, and the palaces and gardens in the city of Versailles fall under this category. When it comes to accommodations, food and lodging, expect to pay premium rates for this premium location, but an inventive travel agency or Web search can result in finding packages that will spare your wallet or pocketbook from maximum damage.